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Calving-foaling-lambing? Keep an eye on them from the comfort of your warm home!

Security Solutions for Everyone

Video Surveillance for home and business

Offering  the latest in High Definition Video Surveillance. By working with multiple manufacturers we can customize a system to meet all your home and business needs.  

Access Control

Offering a full line of access control solutions for your business, school or church. 

Security wherever you need it

Our cameras can go just about anywhere! Custom built point to point wireless links can bring the internet and remote connectivity to security cameras in places you never dreamed possible!

Solutions for business

Gate Control

Add two way audio and video at your gates! Have visual confirmation of who is at your gate before they gain access.  Allows gate control right from your cell phone, even when you are offsite!

Video Door Phones

Secure your doors and remotely unlock them! Our video door phone solutions allow you too see who is at the door without getting up! Full two way audio and HD Video! Takes the video doorbell to the next level by allowing you to control and remotely unlock your door!

Security Stations

Custom built security guard stations with multiple high resolution monitors allow for easier monitoring of locations with a larger numbers of cameras. Stations are built to be mobile, allowing them to be easily relocated if needed. Computers and controls are stored safely inside a security box built into the station's desk.

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Security needs vary by location and purpose. By telling us more about your security concerns we can use our experience and knowledge to devise a plan to address them. 

Your time is valuable, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.  

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